Current Projects

* Ntshusk Bonga / Corey Mwamba / Andy Champion Trio – see review of Newcastle concert

Formed when NB was in Newcastle with the RSC in the summer of 2012, and envisaged by Jazz North promoter Paul Bream, this trio brings together players who have worked together in various combinations, but never before as a trio. Playing purely improvised music, but including a full spectrum of textural, rhythmic, harmomnic and melodic exploration, their music is both accessible and unpredictable. The trio was reubited in April 2013 to support the Louis Moholo-Moholo / Alexander Hawkins duo at the Gateshead International Jazz Festival, their full set being video recorded (see below):

** September 4th 2016 – Release of CD “Paperstone Suite”


Kay Grant / Ntshuks Bonga duo

 This is a duo that has existed for a few years with Kay on voice and Ntshuks on various reeds. The music is completely improvised but not necessarily abstract and aloof. Plans are afoot to record a CD for 2017.

Dave Draper / Ntshuks Bonga duo

NCD “Snow in November” released on FMR Records July 2011


Dave Draper: guitar, piano, synthesizer, looping & sound processing

Ntshuks Bonga: alto & soprano saxophone

Ntshuks Bonga’s Tokolosho -II

A project for 2017 – and a follow up to the 1998 album release “Abo Bhayi“, this sextet will combine South African folk / jazz based original material with composotions by Victor Ndlazilwana, Joe Malinga, Zaks Nkosi and others, all given a contemporary treatment for our contemporary times – watch this space.

Louis Moholo-Moholo Unit

Starting out life as a two alto quintet, the group now features:

Louis Moholo-Moholo (drums/leader)

Alexander Hawkins (piano)

Jason Yarde (saxes)

Henry Lowther (trumpet)

Alan Tomlinson (trombone)

Nthsuks Bonga (saxes)

John Edwards (bass)

This group operates between complete freedon and stately themes composed and arranged by Louis, Jason and Pule

Orphy Robinson’s Spontaneous Cosmic Raw Xtra

Orphy has put together a living musical experience that encompasses elegant spoken word, vocal gymnastics, soulfullness and sleight of hand.. and a wonderful group of musicians who create musical form and beauty out of thin air – alchemy!

The most recent edition included: Orphy Robinson, Cleveland Watkiss, Andrew Ward, Pat Thomas, Steve Noble, Corey Mwamba, Roland Sutherland, Otto Fisher, Camelle Hinds, Shabaka Hutchings, Brian Edwards, NB

This group played King’s Place on 26 October 2009 – what a fantastic night! Watch out for the next one

Here’s a reviw of the show