Non sax players – please bear with me

(Mental Health Warning: Kids, das klang ist nicht in diesen objekten. Nobody is remotely instrested in the brushes that Miro used.. but here we go anyway)

Geek’s Corner

current set up


mouthpiece & lig & reeds



SML Gold Medal II (s/n: 25k) (Apr 2017)

King Zephyr III (s/n: 281k)


Selmer standard/Vandoren flexible/BG standard/Vandoren Optimum & Henri Louis

Vandoren V16 A7M & S

Hemke 2.5 & 3.0 

 since 2014


soprano: Yanagisawa S991

Selmer S80 F ; ebonite Link 6

Vandoren flexible (old style)

Rico Hemke 3.0

since circa 2004

B-flat clarinet: Selmer N series (poss Balanced Tone) circ 1950

Vandoren 5RV Lyre

BG Revelation / Selmer standard / B & H standard / Vandoren Optimum (taken from sax)

Vandoren Traditional 3.0

since circa 1994

Historical sax trail


Yanagisawa A990 (2013/2014) – just sold

Yanagisawa A901 (2013)

Silver plated Selmer Balanced Action s/n 31k (2009 – 2014)

Selmer Balanced Action s/n: 27k (with Gloger solid silver custom crook since Dec 2009) (circa 2001 – 2013)

Selmer Mark VI (2007-2008)

Selmer Series III (~2000-001)

Yamaha 82Z Custom (~2006-2007)

Yanagisawa A992 (~2002-2003)

Yamaha YAS62 (~1990-2000) [Lawton 7 / 8 B BB* mouthpiece] – covers the Tshisa & Tokolosho recordings

Conn 6M Ladyface (~1988-1990)

Conn Pan American (~1986-1988)

I started out on the best horn I could afford at the time (the Pan Am) and gravitated to the Meyer mouthpieces. This was followed by a period where, greatly influenced by the recordings & live performances of Dudu Pukwna, I moved to a Yamaha YAS62 / Lawton mouthiece setup, often selecting high baffles and platic cover reeds.

There is an ongoing internal debate with regard to vintage verses modern saxophones, and this may never be resolved. Economics, and some mechanical issues related to age, no longer allow me the luxury of having examples of both. As the list above demonstrates, I’ve been back and forth a few times, in probably the same way that Emily Bronte’s Catherine went between her darkly brooding, volatile and destructive adoptive sibling, and her well mannered but boring neighbour, ending up choosing the latter on practical and aspirational grounds. As things stand I have bought a King Zephyr 3 which is fantastic. Ergonomics (apart from an annoyingly stiff low C#) and tuning are very manageable and it really sings and has punch. But I do hope to pick up a Selmer SBA alto when the situation allows… All this nonsense with the alto, yet the soprano set up is very stable. I’m always looking at altos on the Internet, but never sopranos.


SML Gold Medal II – all the way from Lewes


This (above & below seemed like a good idea.. at first. Good to be able to completely dismantle and reconstruct your own instrument. Interesting how much weight the keys add.


Sax repairs carried out by: Previously the legendary Charles Ndlovu of Musicraft in Cape Town (I’m very sad to say that Charles passed away in 2009 – but the workshop is still active, see link below).