Ntshukumo “Ntshuks” Bonga

Biog (brief)

Born Johannesburg, 1st October 1963. Moved to London with family 1970

Lessons on guitar & violin at school, mostly self taught on saxophones and clarinets

Past projects & collaborations (excert)

– various wonderful Maggie Nicols groups circa 1991-1993

– Louis Moholo’s Exiles [Louis Moholo, Gibo Pheto, Pule Pheto, Claude Deppa] circa 1992

– Silapha [with Gibo Pheto & Pule Pheto]

– Ntshuks Bonga’s Tshisa [with Marcio Mattos & Ken Hyder]

– Robyn Hitchcock

– Claude Deppa’s fabulous Horns Unlimited [12 horns, 3 percussion CMN tour in 1998)

– Ntshuks Bonga’s Tokolosho [with Veryan Weston, John Grieve, Winston Rollins, Brian Abrahams, Mark Sanders, Julia Doyle]

– Lucky Ranku’s African Jazz All Stars

– FJQ [with Robin Musgrove, Jerry Bird and Alfredo Genovesi] recorded FJQ in 1998

– Lydia Lunch (fabulous winter tour in 2004 – still receovering!)

– Dave Draper/Jim LeBaigue/Ntshuks Bonga trio


Urban Ritual by Ntshuks Bonga’s Tshisa SLAMCD213

Abo Bhayi by Ntshuks Bonga’s Tokolosho NBCD001

FJQ by FJQ (Ntshuks Bonga/ Alfredo Genovesi/ Jerry Bird/ Robin Musgrove) RM1999

Moss Elixir by Robyn Hitchcock Warner Bos

Pressed up Black by Nikhil Singh OMTD

An Open Letter to my wife Mpumi by Louis Moholo-Moholo Unit OGUN OGCD 031

Snow in November – Dave Draper / Ntshuks Bonga FMRCD308-0511

For the Blue Notes by the Louis Moholo-Moholo Unit (Live in Milan 2012) OGUN OGCD 042

Paperstone Suite by Bonga / Champion / Mwamba Trio FMRFMRCD422-0616